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Multimedia, web technologies, software solutions and social networks are by now present in various fractions of everyday life, be it concerning business or spare time activities. Servers, desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PCs and mobile phones support us connecting with each other and improve our spread of information. Especially for research, this can be a huge advantage, opening up new opportunities and dimensions of cooperation. Databases of institutions can be linked and accessed to aid scientist from across the globe to collaborate at new levels of efficiency. Additionally, mobile applications can assist researchers in the field or may be used for educational purposes. There are plenty of possible scenarios to improve scientific and educational projects with apropriate IT solutions.

All of these advantages revealed by a continuously accelerating development of hardware components are dependent on flexible and usable software designed for the exact area of application and its user. Depending on the research targets, the applied methods and the time schedule, there may be a different weighting concerning the importance of interface design, accessibility, performance, compatibility and maintenance of supporting technologies.

Researchers should be aware of the fact that investing into innovative and contemporary software development can be a main factor deciding over the success of an individual project.

This is why it is of severe importance to find skilled, trustworthy and communicative staff with the ability to engage into interdisciplinary levels of interaction. My experience as a developer in various scientific projects provides me with the capability to follow and design workflows tailored for web and software development for the scientific community. Since it is my mere passion to combine progressive solutions with scientific tasks, I am always interested in connecting with everybody involved in the subject. If I may contribute to the realization of interesting and innovative projects, I do additionally use my skills for webdesign and software development in the public area.

Information on my current and past projects, an overview of my personal competencies and contact options are provided on this website. Throught the past years, I have been working for the Natural History Museum in Berlin, The Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin, The Free University of Berlin, GreenDelta, for non-profit organizations and private customers.

News on biodiversity, biodiversity informatics and climate change on this website are provided via my Twitter account. You are welcome to follow. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or inqueries concerning my previous or recent developments or if you are seeking assistance with your scientific projects.